The Fog

This using my Baldix folding camera. Ilford FP4, developed in Rodinal and scanned.

I went out for the day with a fellow photographer and decided I should use my folding camera.  Unfortunately, we had to cut the trip short as water was dripping from the trees above us (making it unsuitable to use the folder) and my friend really shouldn’t have been out, having a cold which started to get considerably worse in the cold damp air.

Of the two pictures I took, this one I really liked as it came out as I envisaged it (with acknowledgement to Hiroshi Sugimoto, one of my photographic heroes).


27 thoughts on “The Fog

  1. Of course, Sugimoto came immediately to mind upon first glance. Probably the only photo artist I really look up to + admire. {Music inspires me + my
    photography more than visual art}. Viva la minimalisme !!!

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