Cup Marked Stone


A bit weathered, but this is a cup marked stone.  I’ve tried to give a sense of the landscape it is in – whether the landscape was quite as open when the cups were carved I couldn’t tell you.

The marks are reckoned to be around 4000-5000 years old.  There is a high occurrence of them in North and West Yorkshire.  I came upon this one when out looking for photographic subjects – first I’ve seen.  It’s pretty much worn and I’ve had to use a hand held flash to the left to try to give some contrast across the impressions made by our ancestors.


30 thoughts on “Cup Marked Stone

    • We have the advantage of having had people map Britain in the past – the outcome a set of ‘Ordnance Survey’ maps which are updated regularly. As you can appreciate we are a relatively small island with a long history, so there are all sorts of marks left by those in the past – anything that is still indicated in the landscape is captured in the maps.

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