Little Almscliffe


It was cold on Wednesday.  Out for my usual lunchtime trip with my photographic colleague.  The trip was cut short – or at least the time allocated to doing any photography was limited by the fact that I got a bit lost, taking a wrong turning – but, hey, nobody’s perfect.

Little Almscliffe is a small area of boulders not far from Harrogate in North Yorkshire.  And is a few minutes stroll from a car park so it’s a favourite walk for local dog owners.

The gentleman in the picture had a Spaniel with him and, as is often the case, stopped to have a chat with us for a few minutes.  He told us his Spaniel was almost blind, having suffered a heart attack which damaged it’s eyes and also left it partially deaf – though, you would not have noticed, it was a lively, inquisitive dog.

It turned out the guy was hard of hearing too – so our conversation was somewhat difficult – with him going on guess work and me trying to speak as loudly as possible without it appearing I was shouting – you know what it’s like.  Still, he gave me some information which might be useful next time I visit that location – it seems as if some of the paths I might have gone down have been churned by tree felling machinery and wellies were probably the best bet.



16 thoughts on “Little Almscliffe

    • I’m often getting lost, but I can normally make a left or right and get there but this time it was a full about turn – after I’d done an about turn at the junction I should have turned down. doh! Still, my companion didn’t mind, he had a good old chat to me – which I think does him good, as I’m a sort of independent ear in his life.

    • Oh, I agree – but in this case it was more a case of
      I’m think going the wrong way, I’ll turn round.
      Now I am going the wrong way, I’ll turn round
      Ah back where I started, but should I turn down this road or keep going – I kept going. Wrong! Fortunately I managed to find a link road to get me to my destination, minus 1/2 an hour.
      (tut!) 😉

    • 🙂 That’s a very valid point – but I might have missed somebody else who could have changed my life (or maybe stuck a knife in me) who knows. At least I had the opportunity to make the wrong turning and correct myself – others make a wrong turning and never make the journey back. 😉

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