Stocks Away!


Seemed a rather strange exhibit in the porch of a ‘local’ church.  I’ll let your mind play with the idea and practice of the use of stocks  – and of course the metaphorical association……. at all levels.


25 thoughts on “Stocks Away!

  1. To be honest, it gives me the shivers… a perfect device to create even more frustrated people with a grudge and seething anger, walking bombs looking for a place to go off… especially if they have managed to hide that anger away from even themselves…

    Too dramatic? Sorry 😉

  2. I haven’t seen stocks on a church before, not even an old church. My immediate thought was, that if they were to be found on churches these days it would be a great reminder that God sets the prisoner free.

  3. The good ole days! Though in fairness they did need less drastic deterrents than corporal and capital punishments for less serious crimes, as prisons (at least in their present form) are a relatively recent concept (Victorian I believe) and public humiliation seemed to fit the bill. I wonder how effective they were in reality?

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