Bathing Well Wood


A few days ago I posted a picture called ‘Hookstone Beck‘, showing the water of the beck.  The beck initially passes through ‘Hookstone Wood’ and then flows into ‘Bathing Well Wood’.  On one of the valley sides of Bathing Well Wood I found these remains.

I feel fairly certain they are the remains of an artificial pool to capture the water from a spring.  To be honest, there didn’t seem to be a really obvious out welling of water when I was there, although it was pretty cold and the ground was frozen.  I’ve done a little web based research but can’t find anything specific about this particular place.  There is a bathing well in the town I live in, but that’s altogether a grander affair with a brick built building covering it.

Every time I go out into the countryside with my camera I seem to find some unexpected depth that I need to fathom, but  lack the time to do it properly.

12 October 2013 – thought to add this link to the Wetherby Bathhouse  –


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