Arches_MG_0140 Arches_MG_0142

Couldn’t make my mind up which side the tree should be so took one of each.  Slightly different treatment for each.  (Digital convert to black and white).


36 thoughts on “Viaduct

  1. I prefer it to the left. It’s a cleaner composition with less shrubbery and the shape of the arches are better. I also prefer the second tree (closer to the viaduct) as it helps draw the eye in and its shape ‘mirrors’ the foreground tree. The first image just seems ‘sharper’ all round to me – and I don’t mean focussing! 🙂

  2. I prefer the tree on the right. Because my eye naturally enters the photo on the left, in the top one I see the tree and then follow the line of the aquaduct straight out of the frame with nothing to draw me back. In the bottom one the tree grabs my attention first, then the aquaduct and the juxtaposition of both adds a little more interest and mystery to the photo and my eye stays within the frame … for me at least. We all see things differently, don’t we?

    • Lynne, you’ve captured some of the reasons why I chose the composition.. I tried to give the tree in the middle ground a little more density and lift the frost on the trees under the viaduct but to do it properly would take a little while and noise started to become a problem.

  3. I’m like Chillbrook, can’t decide. Although, they’re not really the same thing, I think: in the first image the relationship is between the tree and the aqueduct, whereas in the second it’s more between the trees in the background and the tree in the foreground. My two cents, anyway.

  4. Am not gonna be v helpful as far as deciding which one’s the *better* picture I’m afraid [for what it’s worth though, I like to follow the flow of a picture backwards and so would opt for the tree on the right guiding my eye to the left…..] but was just wondering where this is? We’re from North Wales with World Heritage Status aqueducts & viaducts [] and the one on your picture looks a little bit like the one near………………….Chirk? ^_^
    Great work by the way!

  5. I like the first pic because the viaduct shows much more clearly. BTW, this is remarkably like a massive railway bridge in the Canadian province of Alberta (where I live). Even the trees remind me of the landscape near the railway bridge. Amazing!

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