Christmas Swing Time


Ever since our children were very young we’ve had a tradition of going for a walk first thing on Christmas Day morning, before the opening of their presents.  Even though they are much older now, we’ve continued the tradition.  The sight of the rope swing was a little too much for my daughter to leave alone. (She’s not the most physically adventurous person, so it was nice to see her ‘go for it’ without the traditional ‘go on, have a go’ from her parents!  – Uni life must be doing her good!)

Further along our walk we came across another, so of course she had to have a go on that too.

Swing_MG_9663Having fun before 10:30am on Christmas Day morning is better than sleeping off the hangover from the Christmas Eve binge down the pub that I remember having at the same age. 😉


16 thoughts on “Christmas Swing Time

  1. Yes, I see that you do not have much snow at Christmas time. How often might you see snow there, on a yearly basis? More rain than snow? It must be fairly warm as your daughter looks lightly dressed for the weather.

    • There’s more than one question.
      We have snow at some time every year – at the moment the country is bathed in the white stuff. When I say ‘country’ I mean the UK. Despite our relatively small geographical size we can have a huge variation in weather between the north of Scotland and the south coast of England.
      The last time we (I) had snow on Christmas Day was 2009 and before that, well, quite a few years.
      Snow generally comes and stays for a few days, is sporadic (except on the mountains of Scotland and high peaks in England/Wales). Consequently, local Councils have a job dealing with it, so the country can come to a bit of a standstill when we get a few inches. (The cost/benefit for tools/resources to deal with it as countries with regular predictable snowfall just doesn’t stack up.)
      Temperature on the day was about 4-5 deg C. Today it’s about freezing point.

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