Cromer Pier


A few more images of Cromer Pier.  Pier_MG_0309
Apparently, the first evidence of a jetty or pier at Cromer goes back to 1391 and it has been been rebuilt in various forms during the intervening years.  The structure of the current pier was built in 1901, but it has been badly effected by storms since and some parts have had to be rebuilt.  The pier is currently undergoing £1millon maintenance programme and the diver in the foreground is part of a team of divers sorting out the foundations of the pillars.  Using fixed air lines, one is already at work underwater where the lines drop from the pier.  Also in the foreground are, what I presume to be, the remains of a previous wooden version of the pier.


Part of the maintenance programme calls on the replacement of some of the decking, some of the existing boards give a heart flutter as they dip under foot – as my wife can vouch for.


Looking North up the coast (Cromer lies on the East coast of England).  Whilst the sign might seem a bit superfluous the picture was taken at low tide.  The sea around this coast tends to go a murky brown colour and visibility is next to zero in the water.  This is not because of pollution but through the suspension of very fine grain sand – you would not be able to see the bottom in anything much over 18″ in depth (not a good depth to dive into!).Pier_MG_0320

Looking South, the direction in which we would find Happisburgh lighthouse, of a previous post of mine.Pier_MG_0321

You can’t make out the names on this size of image but appearing in the small theatre at the end of the pier are Phil Cool and Jim Davidson.  Both comedians – Phil Cool more of an impressionist who has a particularly ductile face, which allows him to characterise his subjects visually as well as vocally – Jim Davidson is a somewhat more controversial figure whose use of ‘non-PC’ material is less palatable to most (personally, I was surprised to see his name here).



10 thoughts on “Cromer Pier

    • Thank you.
      With so much work going on around the pier, it as difficult to get good framing positions because of all the paraphernalia of fencing and machinery – of course another time this very difficultly might have been the principle subject, but not this visit. 😉

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