Reservoir Walk


The owners of Thruscross Reservoir, Yorkshire Water, maintain a footpath round the perimeter of the reservoir for use by the public – though, in truth, a footpath would probably develop over time, as people would probably take the right anyway.  At least now the footpath is managed and it encourages people to follow it, rather than set up a myriad of tracks.


It’s a reasonable walk all the way round (a little over 4 miles, I think), which can easily take all morning/afternoon if you dawdle, like I generally do when I’m out with my camera.  Of course, being a body of water there’s no short cut, you either go back the way you came or go all the way round!


10 thoughts on “Reservoir Walk

  1. I’m the same, I can look back at how far I’ve walked and be amazed that it took me so long. Even if I don’t take many photos, I still take ages because I’m always stopping to have a good look.

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