Two Trees in a Field


Doing my ‘photographer’s dawdle’ round the reservoir (see previous posts) I happened upon these two trees and felt they reminded me of something.  I spent a few minutes doing the ‘mind’s eye’ thing – looking for some ideas on how to present them.


As I moved round the sun broke through a little more and the path dipped a little – laying on the floor (there was a fence between me and the trees) I managed to get the brow of the small rise and tree against the dark sky.  I then remembered what the trees reminded me of – i.e. Acacia trees of Africa – okay, I was stretching the analogy a bit but it’s the nearest I’m going to come walking around a reservoir in North Yorkshire.


Of course, with such a dark sky I had to get a lower shot with more sky.


And a black and white version.


And further round, a mother/daughter portrait.  This one given a bit of toning.


20 thoughts on “Two Trees in a Field

  1. Great series of shots and interesting to know your thought processes behind what you did.
    I really like the second and last shots but I can’t help wondering how the second one would look with the trees a little lower in the frame and a touch more sky to the left and top and then toned as per the final image ….
    Mind you, the number of times I’ve hunted around for the best composition, got home and checked the results then wished I’d done something different. I’ve then gone out and tried again and more often than not my first visit was the most successful! C’est la vie 🙂

    • Most of the pictures I put here tend to be very much ‘first cut’ – with later revisits to images I usually have in the back of my mind any feedback I’ve received (whether I adopt it is another thing, of course.) An important part of my college course was the ‘crits’ where all the students had the opportunity to discuss each others work and I like to take that forward into my current practice.
      I know exactly what you mean about revisits – often the light isn’t the same or the ‘feel’ which attracted me in the first place isn’t there…….. as you say C’est la vie!

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