Wasburn Valley


Near to the church at Blubberhouses there is a footpath along the River Washburn to the dam at Thruscross Reservoir.  I’d walked along it for about 1/4 mile a few weeks ago, with the intention of revisiting when time allowed – I posted a few pictures from that initial visit.  Saturday was a nice day, so went for a saunter to suss it out further.  This picture gives a bit of the flavour of the walk.  In places, the path is very much narrower that this ‘two track’ section.

Where’s the river?  It’s to the left, the other side of the trees.  The sky to the left was very bright so I had to eliminate it in this composition to get some detail in the shadows – the dynamic range would have been too wide.  An HDR option would have been the solution, but that’s not something I particularly involve myself in.  I often use this type of tactic to overcome difficult sky conditions, in preference to a ‘white-out’ for the sky.


10 thoughts on “Wasburn Valley

  1. Well it’s a small world; I’ve walked there. A few years ago we stayed in Fewston on a weekend break and we walked up one side of the river and back the other. I don’t remember that avenue of trees but I imagine it must have been the same path.

    • 🙂 Well, the path only runs down this side of the river (as far as I know) so I guess you must have done. I’ll be post a few more when I get a few minutes to ‘do the business’ on them.
      I suspect I will be visiting this stretch a few times later in the year, huge potential for wildlife by the look of it. Dflies, damsels and other buzzy insects, wild flowers and other birds and beasties – though I suspect mid-week will bring dividends.

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