Mill Pond Reflection


As remarked by James at smackedpentax, along the section of River Washburn I visited there is evidence of water management in the past.  Several pools (some of which are silted up), as well as culverts, sluices, etc.  are apparent.  Nowadays, it looks as if they are managed to the benefit of wildlife.

As the expression, ‘like a mill pool’ is used to describe flat, calm, mirror surfaced open water, so I found the pools on the day I was there.  Unfortunately, there is a great deal of sucker growth on trees by the pool edge, so to get a clear shot was difficult.  However, I managed to get one or two that I was quite pleased with.   Of course, it will be another subject area when I revisit – I do like to have the potential of more than one subject area when I go on one of my photographic adventures.

I may do a convert to black and white on this one.


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