Through the Ages


In the middle distance, just over the dry stone wall is “John O’Gaunt’s Castle”, supposedly a hunting lodge within the hunting ground known as Knaresborough Forest in North Yorkshire.   O’Gaunt had use of the lodge until about 1399.  All that remains are a few foundations and the ditches and moat that surrounded it.  To the right is an abandoned farm, how old it is, I don’t know, but it’s certainly of some age.  In the foreground is an interesting gate post. And in the background the wind turbine ‘farm’ next to Penny Pot Lane, just outside Harrogate.




22 thoughts on “Through the Ages

  1. That image has so much going for it. Loving that gate post and the juxtapose of the old buildings and the turbines. The delight and the frustration with old farm buildings is that their style is so timeless. The design and materials had no need or opportunity to change for hundreds of years.
    The light and the landscape remind me of my chance discovery of Magpie Mine
    Driving over the Pennies earlier this week (I haven’t been out that way for a goodly while!) I really noticed the increase in wind farms.

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