Stained Glass at Wensley

It was a pretty grey foggy day today.  I had planned to do a circuit of a local reservoir but my companion preferred to stay dry, so a revision of venue took us to Holy Trinity church – Wensley, North Yorkshire.  It was pretty dark inside the church and not very warm either.

I don’t always take pictures of stained glass when I visit churches, but I picked out these windows, which I thought were a little unusual (?).

Stained Glass Wensley Church

Ah Galahad, Galahad for such as thou art is the Vision“.

The angel above Galahad carries a banner which reads “One crowded hour of glorious life is worth an age without a name.”   – I’m afraid, to me, it suggests celebrity rules.

Stained Glass Wensley Church

Ye seek Jesus of Nazareth which was crucified. He is risen. His not here.”  Which my research suggests is derived from Mark 16:6 of the King James Bible.

Stained Glass Wensley Church

This window commemorates an organist at the church (1906).  I wasn’t sure that I was interpreting the window correctly but then I noticed the organ pipes in the background.

Stained Glass Wensley Church

Saint Cecilia.  I may start a collection of ‘stained glass Saints’.


22 thoughts on “Stained Glass at Wensley

  1. I like the organist…he’s working on an illuminated manuscript with plainchant notes…the square kind that sit one on top of the other. Saint Cecelia is the patron saint of music…this church must pride itself in its music. Does it have a great organ? A great choir?

    • Thanks for the info. I can see ‘collecting’ stain glass is likely to open another tin of worms. 😉
      I think the thing to bear in mind is the time frames between what might have been when any glass was put in and today.
      It’s a really difficult church to photograph inside because of the extremes in light levels against light walls and dark dark wood.
      There is a reasonably large organ, but it doesn’t seem huge in comparison to some I’ve seen (another bag of worms?) and the choir stalls don’t look particularly big.
      I’ll probably post a few more pictures but with each there’s a story that needs to be investigated – or indeed, a story to be invented for those with a fertile mind.

    • When I was a little ‘un I used to sing in a church choir. The choir master used to insist we practice and ‘perform’ psalms to plainsong – it didn’t take prisoners and there was nowhere to hide – but when we got it right – awesome – big church, boy choir – brings tears to your eyes. !

  2. Very nice shots of the stained glass. They’re not always the easiest to photograph, but I suppose the colors have a lot to do with it.

    Regarding the “Galahad” window, first thing that came to mind was the King Arthur story. 🙂

    • I think the window is Victorian and I believe there was a resurgence of ‘Arthurian’ folklore around that time. From what I can remember Galahad was the Knight who was the most gallant/chaste/good/worthy/kind/loyal etc hence the reference – a case of Victorian religious zeal pulling in the gallantry of Arthur into their message.

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