4 thoughts on “Treasure in a Glass

    • Hi Shakti,

      mmmm… good question!
      For me, it is a layered image – there is the apparent context of the stone walls and floor against randomly placed glasses. There is the texture contrast. There is the deliberate act of placing the brass object into the glass, presumably for safe keeping – why? It would be an individual’s decision point – perhaps ‘I have this object in my hand, I don’t know what to do with it, I will put it in this glass’ – almost as if the object becomes more secure. It could easily have stood beside the two glasses. At it happens, the object seems to ‘fit’ the glass just right – did this occur to the person who put it there?
      As a viewer, you will have little idea of the context of photograph -I did consider taking a wide shot, but to give more context would have made the main subject too small in the frame. What is an aside – this is a ‘found’ situation, I have not interfered with it or contrived it in anyway – irrelevant from your point of view – so it fits with other ‘incidental’ images that I take.
      I have proposed these as ‘glasses’, but to be honest I am not sure they are – they seem to be an unusual shape for a glass without a handle – are they simple candle holders? I don’t know – this becomes a niggle in the back of my mind – the only way I can resolve it is to return and check it out, but, will they be there…. is it worth it to find out …… do I really care, will it make a difference to my life? – something only I can answer. and I don’t know what purpose the brass thing had, is it part of something? – is it functional?

      As an aside, you may be interested in the wider context of the image – I came upon them at the west end of the south aisle at the church shown in my page here http://ecclesiarum.wordpress.com/yorkshire/harewood-all-saints/.
      All the best,

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