Fishing Spot


I don’t do a lot of angling nowadays, (photography rules), but I spied this spot while crossing a local pedestrian bridge over the River Wharfe.  As it happens, it’s the close season for coarse fish at the moment.  (Coarse fish? – everything that isn’t a ‘game fish’ – game fish (apart from those that take my bait ;)) are trout, salmon.)

In the open season, I might expect to catch Chub, Barbel, Pike, Perch, Grayling, Trout, Eel – whether Roach and Dace are present, I don’t know. Whilst sitting there I might see Kingfisher, Goosander, Moorhen, Little Grebe, Wagtails, Hirundines, Heron, the odd Wader, Mink, Otter, Voles and Rats.

Most coarse fish are returned after capture, although they may be kept in a large keepnet for the period of the fishing session.  This allows a final weight and assessment of the catch to take place before returning them – without retention it’s likely that any returned fish will scatter any shoals or put them off the feed.

I’ve had the good fortune to do a bit of fishing in the US and I would judge that coarse fishing in the UK tends to be a much more genteel affair – in some specialisms we think nothing of using lines with a breaking strain as light as 1lb, fixed lines and poles that approach, well put it like this, you can buy a pole that is 16m long (over 50ft!) and use hooks as small as size 24 – though personally I’ve never used anything less than a 20.  Of course, that’s not to say that we don’t ‘tool-up’ for larger fish – carp and pike, in particular.




13 thoughts on “Fishing Spot

  1. I’m an angler myself but not exactly a keen one; I spend more time looking at the wildlife than fishing. If I take my camera along, I hardly get any fishing done at all. That looks like a wonderful location.

    • 🙂 – I stopped taking my camera for that very reason! I’d resist the temptation to pick the camera up and almost every time I did I’d get a bite! I got to the stage where I’d pick my camera up if I wasn’t getting any bites, just to improve my luck – a sad place to be! 😉

    • Of course, what is not revealed here is the depth of the water. I can vary significantly between 0 and 5 metres, depending on the state of flood – this is a non-tidal stretch and whether various sluices are opened upstream. I’ve had it rise as much as 15cm in 1/2 hour while I have been sitting by the river with my Barbel rod. It might not sound much but when you’re inches from the river edge, it will certainly flood you out in no time. There are many times when the river becomes virtuallyunfishable because of the speed of the flow.

      • When I used fish along this stretch, I rarely caught many more than ten a session, sometimes no bites at all. the biggest would be a Barbel about 8lbs (3.6kg) – because of the rate of flow in the river they give up a good fight! Bite indication is more like dragging the rod in the river than a gentle movement of an indicator (float or quivertip).

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