On Standby




6 thoughts on “On Standby

  1. Love the shadows and light across the subject.
    I love your work, but if I may niggle a little, i’d love to know the camera and film used for your different images. Maybe that’s not your bag. Some photographers state the camera, film etc for each image and some don’t. Maybe I’m too much of a techie!
    Great work, Stephen.


    • Hi Paul, thanks for the kind words.
      I do have a page that sets out the gear I use (though it doesn’t mention Photoshop, which it should, as it can be as much part of producing an image as the camera is – I tend to use it for ‘photographic’ adjustment – cropping, contrast, saturation, etc).
      To be honest, to my mind it matters little what the camera is that somebody has used to produce an image – I have seen some wonderful imagery from mobiles, pinholes, compacts, hybrids and top end dslrs – and as you can appreciate, each of these cameras is quite useful for producing some crap images as as well (but are they crap?……)
      IAt one time, all my photographic output was confined to this blog, but I found it cumbersome when I was trying to find something, so now I have this blog for all my digital output, foldingup.wordpress.com for my work with film (which tends to be sporadic) and ecclesiarum.wordpress.com for church specific images – more of a project than my other work.
      This is a crop (I whipped the bottom 1/4 off) of a digital frame from my Canon 30D fitted with 17-40mm f.4 @ f.5, 1/50s. Converted to black and white in Photoshop, using, in this case ‘Channel Mixer’ and with subsequent adjustment, curves and minimal zonal burning in. I then used photoshop’s ‘Save for Web’ facility to create the image you see, with subsequent addition of my name and a supplementary touch of sharpening.
      All the best.

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