The fence panel is really in my bird portrait studio (not!).   It just happens to be outside my study window and occasionally I leave my curtain open (usually closed to help reduce light falling on my monitor – and to stop me getting distracted by everything going on outside).  This Blackbird (Turdus merula) kindly stopped for a few seconds, long enough for me fire off a couple of frames (through the double-glazing).

The Blackbird and it’s mate are spending a fair amount of time looking for food on my lawn these days – and the neighbouring lawns.  Worms are the thing they are after – I’m guessing they may be feeding young, but I’m not sure where the nest is. I’ve also seen them taking odd bits of nesting material as they fly past.



16 thoughts on “Blackbird

  1. Much under rated birds, blackbirds. I love them. We get them here in HK but they sound different. If you hear a Blackbird in HK its probably a Hwamei! Very nice portrait. Your studio has a good backdrop!

    • 🙂 Thank you.
      Unfortunately, the lighting in the ‘studio’ is really difficult to control and the models are invariably temperamental!
      I messed about for a little while trying to get the colours right for presentation on my blog – in photoshop the bird looks much blacker/sharper/better – but I gave up. I’ve noticed the problem on some images, not sure why.

  2. Mine are still hungry, it seems. They are still picking at the food I left hanging in several trees for them to finish… 🙂 Worms not awake yet? 😉

    About the quality loss, I think that it is due to WP crunching a bit or if you really post in the format that fits the blog. I had started off that way too and hated to see my ‘homework’ undone. So now I am posting at 800x600px. On the front page it gets crunched but when you click on it you get a bigger version that often looks somewhat better… But there is also some difference in the color scheme the site or the program uses. They all say they work with sRGB but I often find out that one sRGB is not the same as the other one… 🙂 Even from Lightroom to Photoshop there can be a difference (and both are Adobe..).

  3. You obviously still get distracted 🙂
    We have a female nesting in our garden – her second nest having given up on the first one when the weather turned again. She has me trained well! She sits on a stump outside our window and calls – I promptly stop what I’m doing and feed her. Feels good 🙂

    • 🙂 – nice one!
      The birds round here tend to be very skittish, possibly because I don’t get into the garden as much as I would like, so they are not used to people wandering about. I’ve had to trim most of the bushes back a lot this winter, so there’s less cover for them in my garden – most birds tend to be on their way to somewhere else.

    • Thanks – if I have my curtain open and something lands or sits on the fence it’s likely to get snapped – so I have a number of images taken over the years where the setting is pretty much the same. Now I think about it, most of the images are taken in relatively poor light as when it’s too bright the curtain will be closed…..

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