Jet Skis in Newcastle-upon-Tyne


Showing off to the crowd the youngsters driving these jet skis where having great fun.Β  Each was chaperoned by an adult and all were dressed in dry suits – it was a warm day but falling in the water would not have been too comfortable.


4 thoughts on “Jet Skis in Newcastle-upon-Tyne

  1. I wandered over here from Andrew’s after I saw his reference to Yorkshire.

    Anyway, as chance would have it, I also lived in Newcastle and my mate designed that bridge. But unlike you I don’t have any photos of it. C’est la vie.

    • πŸ™‚ – I’ve been to Newcastle a few times to visit/drop-off/pick-up my daughter who is studying at Northumbria Uni. but I’ve but never really wandered around. From the couple of hours we spent on Saturday it looks as if I will be making a few more tours of the town with my camera.

      • It wasn’t that. It was in the days when digi cameras were new and expensive, and I’m vegetarian so stopped using film because of the gelatine in the processing. Although for some reason I do have some photos of our houses πŸ˜€ But otherwise …. A photoless decade without record 😦

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