Spud You Like


Whoopee!  New garden tick – well it flew the garden into a field where the farmer has been harvesting spuds.  I’m pretty sure this is a Ring-necked Parrot (I’m happy to be corrected on that). Common-ish down South in the UK but not so many up here in Yorkshire, though they have been seen.



17 thoughts on “Spud You Like

  1. Originally from Africa and southern Asia and kept as caged birds, some Rose-ringed Parakeets (aka Ring-necked Parakeets) escaped and by the 1970s started breeding in south-eastern England. One unlikely story says that a small number escaped from Isleworth Studios in 1951 during the making of ‘The African Queen’, another that Jimi Hendrix released them in th 1960s to ‘bring some psychedelic colour to London’s skyline’ – they are probably urban myths but no-one seems really sure how they came to be in the wild.

    They are incredibly hardy and from that small beginning the total UK population is now estimated at 30,000 birds. The largest winter roost is at Esher in Surrey which, at the last count I can find, holds up to 7000 birds. My local roost at Hither Green is estimated at 3000 birds.

    Interesting to know that they have now spread as far north as Yorkshire

  2. Ring Neck Parakeet for sure. I’ve watched the numbers grow in the south east over the last 20 odd years (and I don’t even live there). At first there were a few around Beckenham, and now they’re everywhere. If you ever get down south their call is unmistakable, get half a dozen together and you’d think a murder was being carried out, look high and they’ll usually been seen in fast flight. There was a great Radio 4 programme on them a few weeks back, and it transpires that majority roost outside Wormwood Scrubs. Certainly as the light fails I’ve seen them cross the M25 surging towards the capital for bed-time.

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