Pebbles trapped by their own erosion.

Ideally, it would have been nice to have had the pebbles wet.  Unfortunately, in practical terms, at the time, there was only one way to make them wet – too public and I didn’t want a colour cast. 😉



10 thoughts on “Pebbles

  1. Tee hee 😀 I’ve taken to carrying a bottle of water with me for occasions like this – mind you, it probably wouldn’t have been enough here ….
    The colours, textures and shapes are great btw.

  2. Hi. Thanks for the ‘like’ on my recent post. I’ve just been over to your ‘folding’ blog. Have I understood correctly – that’s where you’ll be putting your film photography – folder or not? I have no intention of ‘specialising’ on my blog other than it is about film photography with ‘classic’ cameras, but I’m thinking of ‘specialising’ in the blogs I follow – because I’m racking up too many – and in general limiting them to blogs featuring film (with one or two exceptions). I have some ‘folders’ which I haven’t had out since starting ‘grumpytykepix’; I think I might remedy that.

    • Yep, that blog started out as dedicated to my folders, before I fully understood their capabilities/faults – I’ve just extended it to all my film photography. I don’t do a lot of film and, to me, it’s a whole different ball game to my digital stuff. My approach is different when I use film – not least the fact that it’s a double process activity to give me my negs and then another to scan them (no darkroom yet).
      I understand your desire to control the number of blogs you follow, it quickly gets out of hand and with following so many there’s a danger of giving them a cursory glance and no more – another reason for pulling my film work out. people who are interested in film don’t want their readers filled with digital images. I post irregularly in foldingup blog but usually every day in my main one.
      All the best.

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