From the Cobb 2


A few metres from the shooting position of my previous shot.

I always find it difficult to judge just where the framing of complex scenes should be – there are always bits of things on the edge of the frame and it feels that they should be cropped out or included in full.


4 thoughts on “From the Cobb 2

  1. Nobody is perfect, Stephen 😉

    I think that it is no more than normal, really… One way of living with it is to frame in a way that you CAN cut things away, get more than you really want on the picture. Even in the dark room I used to try and get rid of stuff near the edges… There may be perfect people out there (not too many though) but I’m not one of those… You get some that smile mysteriously and let you think they got the shot as you see it – and you get us, complaining about it, doubting… So don’t worry! 🙂

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