No Offence Intended


When I took picture in a village church, I had a particular thought in mind – something around ‘times were simpler then’ – I was thinking back to the days of Sunday School and all that, when I was naught but a nipper – and how much more complicated life becomes as we get older.  (Partly fuelled for our insatiable lust for knowledge).  But now I have come to look at my image again, I can see more sinister undertones.



8 thoughts on “No Offence Intended

  1. I was ‘indoctrinated/taken in’ because I wanted to believe in magic and goodness but ageing sloughed them off with Father Christmas, fairies and possibly God – now what is there instead? Your picture has something of the prodigal son about it!!

  2. Growing up, my Sunday school class was just 3. Me, the priest’s son, my best friend, and my sister was the teacher. I have sat in the teacher’s chair, too, but as I age, I realize the structure creates more problems than it solves.

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