One of the things I look out for on my trips into the countryside is the occasional stone post I find there.  Most of the time they are an integral part of the landscape, marking the gaps in stone walls and often supporting gates – though for the most part gates tend to be made of metal and are attached to the stone posts using the ubiquitous nylon rope we find everywhere nowadays. Every so often, I find a post in the middle of a field or in some other way unusual – these are the posts that draw my attention.


I found this post lying half buried in the side of a hillside recently – I might have missed it altogether if my eye had not been drawn to the letter ‘S’ carved into it.  Surely, a story behind this.

A little later on the same walk, I found this post – I nearly walked past it. The upper characters read ‘AD 16’, the lower ‘1710’.   I couldn’t see anything to the right of the ‘AD 16’…….   another story here too?



11 thoughts on “Post

  1. Posts, stiles and walls are so full of stories, I adore how they change around the country, according to the available materials and love how they are often tied with a flourish of bailer twine! I suspect you must have been walking what was once a very important route?

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