Tools, but not as we know them


A practical artwork – various tools have been welded together to create a bench, which is located at Plompton Rocks, an occasional haunt of mine..  Following some brief research I believe the bench was made by a T.J. Blackwell.


16 thoughts on “Tools, but not as we know them

    • I’ve been going there every so often for the last 10 years or so. It was starting to go a bit ‘wild’ with lots of scrub trees blocking light, as a consequence most of the rocks are covered in green algae. My latest visit seems to indicate a more positive approach is being taken. There were some pigs rooting around in one area – which while to doesn’t do much for the paths, it does help (or so it seems) with the drainage,
      There’s some evidence of tree planting, but what they need is a small group of enthusiasts to clear the scrub – whether there’s enough to do a proper coppice job on the place, I’m not sure.
      £3.50 a head and only at weekends – a bit steep perhaps, but if it helps justify keeping the place open. If it was mine, I’d build a nice big house, sort the garden and lake – and maybe have a little pavilion doing cream teas and lunches – sorted.

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