Artists Unknown


One of the things I encounter every so often in the landscape is the construction/arrangement of locally natural objects by a person unknown to create something to say ‘I was here’.Impromptu_MG_4374

This small pile of ‘river stones’ has been carefully arranged at the edge of the small river recently featured in my posts.  It’s hidden down by the water’s edge, away from the footpath.  It’s definitely not made by natural processes.  It’s quite insignificant, but somebody took the time to choose the stones to make this little table (fairies again perhaps?).


Even more insignificant was this small stone placed on the boulder in the middle of the stream.  It may be that somebody spent a few minutes throwing stones, trying to land one on the small indentation (a better shot than me!).  However, I like to thing somebody deliberately placed it here – perhaps to see how long it would stay.Impromptu_MG_4485

This final example, shows feathers placed into a patch of mud that has formed on the edge of a boulder outcrop.  By the look of the feathers the majority seem to be from Magpies and other Corvids.  My missus thought it looked altogether sinister.  I guess somebody walked the wood regularly and collected feathers as they walked, increasing the work every time they passed.

Maybe you are somebody who likes to construct ‘works’ – if you are, please be aware that there’s at least one person out here who likes to see them.


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