Autumn – More of the Same


Following from my previous autumnal shot, I thought a wider landscape framing would give more of a flow through the image, rather than the original static version..  The steps in from the left and then the light area of water tending to take the eye down the right and side….. (well that’s my story and I’m sticking to it! )


Sometimes it’s worth flipping an image, in this a quick horizontal ‘flip’ seems to give a reasonable composition – I particularly wanted to bring in the tracery of the tall trees in the background, a ploy to lose some of the sky too.



A final shot of this series.  A view seen up/down many rivers, I liked the lowering of contrast into the distance through the light mist.


10 thoughts on “Autumn – More of the Same

  1. I think the horizontal (and wider view) format works better. I hardly noticed the steps in the original (I had to go back to check they were actually there) while in the second version they were the first thing I noticed. I can imagine getting on boat at the bottom and rowing away downstream.

    • Flipping an image can give a completely different feel to the original, although all the visual information is obviously the same. I’ve had long debates with others why this should be so, without reaching a conclusion – the trouble when the ignorant choose to discuss things with the ignorant! 😉
      Thank you for your kind words, George!

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