Before the flames


Wetherby has a firework display most years and, of course, there’s a big bonfire to go with it.  I’d never really given it a lot of thought about how they construct the bonfire – I’m sure in the old days it would have been laboriously put together by hand.  Nowadays, it seems a tipper truck is all you need – one minute nothing, the next ‘we’re ready’.Bonfire_MG_5046

What bemused me a little was that before the unloaded the truck somebody had started to build the foundations of a bonfire, yet the workers decided it was in the wrong place?  Goodness knows!Bonfire_MG_5047
To give them the benefit of the doubt, I’ve shifted my position and created a ‘feeder’ fire illusion through juxtaposition.  I could have moved a lot further to the right and included the small pile, but I quite liked the goal posts in the background.

One of the advantages of building the fire is such a manner is there is less chance of little furry creatures (hedgehogs) taking up residence for the winter.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t make the actual display this year.  (I posted a bonfire picture a couple of years back


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