Following on from an earlier post of a ram, a few covered sheep.  Lighting was pretty flat, but the oak trees across this patch of countryside gave a great backdrop, so made a nice little exercise in trying to put together a composition or two, trying to get the sheep and trees to ‘work’ together.


22 thoughts on “Covered

  1. Wow Stephen, I had to laugh. Somehow you came across my lifeaddict blog and I followed a link and end up here… my hobby is sheep herding and photography (but I’m only an amateur) so this story brought a smile – lol

    • 🙂 I do a lot of a lot of landscape photography in an area known as ‘The Yorkshire Dales’ – hill country where the main ‘crop’ is sheep, with a little Grouse shooting on the side. The area is characterised by stone walls and barns on the side of river valleys.
      (I happened on your blog by – I wondered if there were any blogs related to Addison’s. My lad has it, he was diagnosed a few years back – the period towards getting the diagnosis was pretty scary, but once made his recovery from a pretty low place was quite remarkable. The major task as parents has been for us to ensure that he takes full ownership of his problem, which he has for the most part. He’s now studying architecture at uni and has moved in with his girlfriend. Of course, as you would expect, we still keep a weather eye on that side of things.

      • Ah, I wondered how you happened on me – lol
        I’m glad to hear your son is doing well now. A great blog on Addison’s is clearlyalive.blogspot – an inspiring blog! I am more into photographing people and dogs… and dogs working sheep 😉 I have a page on if you’re interested.

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