As Requested


As requested by Carissa.

My conversion to black and white, from a green based mono, was for a ‘homework’ project.  There is certainly a bit more luminosity about the green/black.


23 thoughts on “As Requested

  1. Wow, Stephen! I think so! It’s wonderful. Unusual effect too. i love the shadow tree reflections and the straight line of the trees and the misty bridge. The stretch of grassland with the grazing sheep. There are so many layers of interest in this image unlike most landscapes. The vertical lines contrasted with the horizontal lines at the bottom are dramatic and work flawlessly with the rest of the image. Did I say I like it? 😉

  2. Yes, I see the second image as brighter too. Lots of food for thought there.

    It may be because with the added information of the yellow / green colour I’m seeing this as grass while in the grey version I’m just seeing a matt surface. Armed with a lifetime’s worth of experience of the luminosity of grass, my brain is turning the coloured one into “brightly lit grass” while the grey one is just staying mid grey matt surface. Of course I know intellectually that that surface in the grey version is grass but without the colour information, my brain is not fooled. It’s just a image and I’m not really “in” the scene.

    I’m probably making no sense here; I’m going to have think about this some more.

    PS. Is that the viaduct you cross over on the Leeds to Harrogate train line? (over the Wharfe valley I think)

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