10 thoughts on “Watch Tower

    • 🙂 Thanks!
      the ‘Stalag’ idea occurred to me as I saw a picture of the same tower earlier in the week (the co-incidence of me happening upon the same tower is amazing, bearing in mind the sort of day I was having). I was tempted to go for the all out forbidding look, but felt a softer approach might give a little ambiguity, which is why I positioned myself to pull in the reflection on the top left of the tower. But I also left in the small line of trees at the bottom right, as in all my experience of ‘Stalags’ is motion picture based and they always seemed to be surrounded by trees.
      As to being a beach-guard post – not in this case, as the tower is at least 60miles from the nearest sea. It’s actually on the edge of a show ground, where annual events take place, typically agricultural fairs and the like.

      • In that case, here in the US it would be a forest
        fire-tower. This one being for short stays as a look out for any problem in nature or among the people.
        Fortunately I lived a very safe and protected life as a child in a war, but the adults did talk a lot about what was happening and to this day images of those far-gone years still shake me up. That is probably why I find your photo so powerful.

      • Your perception reinforces the general view that the viewer’s interpretation is very much about the ‘baggage’ they bring with them. Although not in this case, I am often surprised the reactions I (like most image makers) get to some of my pictures.

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