From a photography point of view, I found the Christmas period particularly frustrating, not able to get out for one reason or another.  I can usually fall back on the odd ‘wildlife’ session involving birds in the back garden (handkerchief).  This year they seem to have been very flighty – especially the thrushes.   This was the best I got of a Fieldfare – unfortunately, light levels have been pretty low so I’ve had to up the ISO above my normal shooting selection of 100, to get somewhere near a decent shutter speed (and my camera is rubbish on higher ISO levels – noise).


3 thoughts on “Fieldfare

  1. In previous winters we’ve had a Fieldfare take up semi-permanent residence in our crab apple tree, fighting off all other thrushes and hardly leaving it until it had eaten every apple. Last winter they gave us a miss and no sign so far this year either. Your photo shows me what I’m missing.

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