Paths 3


Along this path, the local conservation group has thoughtfully provided artificial walking surfaces, to both preserve the ground and offer a little safety – in winter some of these paths get very very muddy and slip sliding is the order of the day when walking them.   In this case, they have provided supported planking – (I’m sure it must have a technical name but I don’t know what that is) – which has been covered in chicken wire to cut down on the hazard of algae build up (which can be like ice when it’s damp).


On another stretch they have placed flat rocks and stones to help with the inevitable breakdown of the path – not for walkers in high heels as it would be easy to turn an ankle on this uneven surface.  (We’ve all seen numpties walking footpaths in unsuitable footwear when a summer’s afternoon brings them out!) Path_MG_5754

Of course, with careful framing it’s possible to give the illusion of something altogether more romantic – and if we, as photographers, didn’t indulge ourselves could we really claim to be photographers?


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