Loom Gears


Detail of loom that I photographed at an Industrial Museum in Bradford, West Yorkshire.  Most of the working areas were comprehensively fenced for safety reasons (and vandalism/theft – it has never ceased to amaze me how idiots and their kids think it’s okay to break or nick stuff in these places – muppets!).  It would be great to be able to spend a few days in places like this to take advantage of the changing light.


14 thoughts on “Loom Gears

  1. This brought back memories…when I left school in 1970 I worked in the woolen mills in Guiseley and Yeadon as a weaver and later as a spinner. I can still hear the noise and smell the grease…the machines were never this clean – they always had dust on them. But a great photograph Stephen

    • Thank you!
      Well, if you get a bit nostalgic you could always visit the Bradford Industrial Museum! What I liked about it when I went was the recordings of mill workers that they played in the machine halls.
      Also, it’s worth keeping an eye on the exhibitions they have – one year I went to see the National Press Photography Awards – some cool pictures.

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