Mann Island Development, Liverpool

Mann Island Development, Liverpool

I understand that this development was/is quite controversial, but then isn’t all architecture that has a bit of design about it?



17 thoughts on “Mann Island Development, Liverpool

  1. Yes, I can understand how controversial, architecture is a design of buildings… and even to design the city… And architects want to create something new, not seen before… The most important thing in this point, is it in the balance with nature or with city and another important thing, is it useful for people… Sorry for my language, by the way 🙂 I hope I can explain well. In your photograph, actually the new black building seems in contrast, especially with the old buildings behind it. How sad for these old buildings… they have almost lost… On the other hand, what I see mostly in your photograph, the black building and red ship! They are both so impressive, and hits… I loved the photograph, but I don’t like the modern buildings… Thank you dear Stephen, love, nia

    • Interesting. I was having a few problems and now they seem to have been cured. My solution was to delete all the cookies related to wordpress that were in my browser – of course that meant I had to log on again but it seems to have done the job. Are you getting similar problems on other blogs – I was which was most disconcerting.

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