Liverpool Hilton


The Hilton hotel is the one on the right – the other two I’ve already posted.I chose to turn this one to black and white as the buildings lend themselves to that approach, but also because the bright red lightship was slap bang in the middle of the frame – now it’s hardly noticeable.



10 thoughts on “Liverpool Hilton

    • Indeed.
      Must say the accent took a little getting used to – we obviously get the odd ‘scouser’ on the TV but I tend to think their accent is a little exaggerated – but of course it isn’t, everyone talks like that over there. For such a small geographical area I think we in the UK have a very rich assortment of accents.

  1. dang dude, I actually spent my last night in England in this hotel! (of course the next day was spent shouting at the divorce lawyer over in the liver building, wishing I was up with the birds!) but the room here was yeah, nice!

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