Pier Head Ferry Terminal, Liverpool

Ferry Terminal Liverpool

Seems that this particular building was another that caused a furore when it was built.  Personally. I don’t find it objectionable – to my mind we need people to push the boundaries (visionaries?), to help us see what is possible – and maybe inspire us to stretch ourselves, challenging our individual boundaries, trying something new (even if it’s simply to add a little more saturation/contrast to our photographs than we might normally apply! ;)). .


6 thoughts on “Pier Head Ferry Terminal, Liverpool

  1. It is unsettling. We expect right angles and parallel lines, and anything different looks oddly cobbled together, as if by a child. Imagine what a whole city designed in this way would look like.

  2. The old floating landing stage is so deeply etched in my memory that I just can’t equate this new building with Mersey Ferries. It’s an interesting and attractive piece of architecture I think but the old wooden – green painted – Ferry Terminal is the one that says – Ferry Cross the Mersey to me. Nice to see such lovely pictures of my old stomping grounds though.

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