View in National Raliway Museum York

I was standing, chatting with my lad about what he was sketching at the NRM and I just happened to notice this rather random view – it appealed to me, so I photographed it.  I think it was something about the lighting (isn’t it always).


14 thoughts on “Southern

  1. Great composition. Reminds me of a quote by John Szarkowski – “From his photographs [the photographer] learned that the appearance of the world was richer and less simple than his mind would have guessed.”

  2. I’m just loving this series on trains. Most of the houses I have lived in have had a line near them, and our son now lives in Swanage so we always see the trains when we visit. Would it be ok if I feature this in a post – I suppose that’s reblogging!

    • Of course!
      I only have a few more – on the day I visited the place was heaving so I looked for more intimate pictures – but even then people kept walking front of my camera – not there fault, they were not to know I was using long shutter speeds.

  3. Wonderful pictures of the trains and the close up particularly are lovely. We have a painting of the Mallard, it’s a print of it speeding along the track. I love steam trains and can still remember that singular smell and the sight of the steam billowing upwards in the station when we used to travel from Liverpool to Bradford to see my grans when I was little. They are the nearest thing to dragons that I think I have ever come across. – Brilliant – thanks for sharing these

    • Thank you.

      One can certainly smell a steam train from some distance – not a smell I’m particularly fond of myself. When I was a youngster the local vicar used to make ‘model’ steam trains which he ran in his rather large garden – full working things, he had a workshop in his vicarage, (he was not a married man). The choir occasionally got to ride the straddle coaches at the odd summer fete.

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