A Glorious Day


‘Is that blue sky I see in the top corner?’,  I hear you ask. ‘Yes, indeed!’, is my reply.  After a foggy start, my buddy and I headed off to the local hills to get some moody atmospheric photos – but, often the case, the fog cleared (as in life).  The result was a very pleasant couple of hours in the sunshine, not a cloud in the sky – though there was a little dirty haze in the distance from the smoke of some burning on the moors.  The wind was a bit keen – but for the most part we were sheltered by tall conifers growing on the opposite side of the reservoir valley that we sauntered along. (Sauntering is my standard practice when I’m out doing my photography – it drives any companions mad… unless they are photographers too!)

I parked the car opposite this footpath marker, which seemed so inviting.  As it happened, we walked in the opposite direction – I have to have a care as to the stability of the ground for my buddy – I could see the footpath traversed the side of a hill and was poorly defined. (I may wander up here sometime for a solo trip.).

You may be able to pick out a trace of yellow amongst the green in the distance – this is the beginning of flowering of Gorse, a common countryside bush around these parts.  The wire fence is primarily as a sheep fence – some of the stone walls are quite low.  There is a stile to allow walkers to get past the wall and fence.


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