I can’t remember the last time I saw a Mandarin Duck, well I can now it was yesterday, but before that…..   Completely unexpected, I was just walking beside a small river that runs through the town of Holmfirth, West Yorkshire and there it was.  I couldn’t get very close as it kept wandering away from me, so this is the limit of reasonable resolution of my gear.   As it happens there were two Dippers too – doing the chasing each other about thing that wild creatures do this time of year.


28 thoughts on “Mandarin

  1. They are so incredible, I still remember the first time I saw one, in a park in Munich, when I was a kid. I could not believe it was real, but there it was, swimming, paddling, moving. Good catch (photographically) and thanks for sharing.

  2. ah ha!, a mandarin duck, wow, we saw one last sunday (last week), on the Longshaw Estate, on the pond, and it was a lone duck amongst the mallards! Idid not have a suitable telephoto lens with me or my 100mm; thus I did not get a proper picture. By the way and excellent photo, to get the detail and colours of the feathers etc

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