More Observation Really Essential


Observation, observation, and more observation – I didn’t see the white tarpaulin over the end of what seems to be some scaffolding (which I didn’t see) – I also didn’t see the yellow sign right down the end of the street – which seems to be advertising ‘Cornish Pasties’ and the picture is taken in York, North Yorkshire. (Now while I like the occasional Cornish Pasty, the sign really doesn’t fit in my aesthetic sensibilities for this shot of York.  There’s also the question of the bright light down the end of the street – but that’s a bit about timing, I don’t think it would take much to use a pedestrian to moderate the intensity a little (adding a bit of masking with a long exposure, as here).

Of course, one way round the yellow sign is to drop it to black and white but the tarp is still a problem.




14 thoughts on “More Observation Really Essential

  1. Really difficult to get a clean shot sometimes. Didn’t notice the tarpaulin at first as the eye is drawn by the black and white buildings on the left and the bright light – which I like by the way! Actually think the tarp is more obvious in monochrome as the buildings have faded. Viewing on my phone so had to enlarge to even find the pasty sign!

  2. It’s the hardest thing to train yourself to do, isn’t it? I’m quite often setting up for a photo and I’ll find myself tidying up bits of rubbish and plastic that ruin my nice landscape. Still a nice image though.

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