7 thoughts on “Popper and Friends

    • Thanks – yes, I used a tripod.
      I used a tripod for most of my static subjects – it allows me to use low ISOs and small apertures, helps me slow down and gives more control over framing.
      I walk around with my camera attached to my tripod when I’m doing my thing.

      • Gosh!
        (My recommendation would be to practice before you need to use it for real – stick your camera on the tripod and go round the house looking for halfway interesting patches of light on ornaments, half open doors and similar stuff.
        Don’t know if you use a dslr, but if you have the facility to ‘mirror-lock’ it’s worth doing – I also use the self-timer, usually 10 secs on mine…. except when I use the mirror-lock facility when it reduces to 2 secs (much more user friendly!).

      • Thank you for the hints, I will have a go around the house and try and get the hang it πŸ™‚ I will ask my daughter about the mirror lock, she’s the professional photographer, but we have the same camera and she should be able to tell me πŸ™‚

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