8 thoughts on “The Blue Door

    • This is a good point.
      ‘new’ is a rather relative point – the door is very much newer than the frame, and I think the frame is likely to be newer than the wall itself judging by the stonework,
      What doesn’t help the illusion is the fact I’m not square to the wall, it’s difficult to decide what a true vertical is and the ‘lead-in lines’ are not square to the wall either.

      • I often have the same issue. I have recently upgraded to Lightroom 5 and tried the auto perspective-correction. It is pretty good but I still find myself looking at things and wondering whether it looks right or not. I like the look of the door but it does look new compared to it’s surrounds.

      • Parts of the building are supposed to be Saxon but I this part dates from 12/13c.
        Perspective is one of things I struggle with most on the buildings I photograph, it’s really difficult to find a vertical reference line in a position in the frame where you can be certain it’s vertical and not subject to convergence/divergence. It’s easy enough to make it look right but it may not be right and the dilemma is whether it should look right or be right. (I think that’s what I mean)

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