Watering Cans

Watering Cans

One of my background projects is to photograph watering cans whenever I visit somewhere new – these are the latest addition.  Watering cans are a rather banal subject but they seem to vary so much , are cared for with or without respect and they often develop ‘nests’, places where they are always left when they are not used.   I suspect there may be a tap under the wooden cover to the left….. maybe.


8 thoughts on “Watering Cans

    • 🙂 Well done!
      I’m not sure I’d go that far myself – I use an old soft drink bottle to water the few plants we have indoors – and a plastic watering can outside, which I run the hose into, to save me returning to the tap to re-fill – I’m not a gardener as such so reduce the amount of time I’m doing it to the minimum! 😉

    • 🙂 – as you will know yourself, projects like this tend to grow out of nothing – when we take more than three versions of a subject we have a project!. (I’m thinking of starting another on vases shoved under church pews, but that’s another story!)

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