Passage of Time


I had the misfortune to have my car ‘conk out’ on me yesterday evening – electrics disappeared. Definitely not good when darkness is falling.  Fortunately, I have breakdown cover.  I made contact with the provider and they told me somebody would attend in the next 75 minutes.  One of our ‘codes’ is that we should get clear of the vehicle on the hard shoulder, getting on the safe side of the safety barrier if there is one. (The local highway police dropped in while I was sorting things out to reinforce the advice, informing me that not long before they had to attend an incident when an articulated lorry had left the road onto the hard shoulder because the driver had dozed off.)

Anyway, after 20 minutes of pacing backwards and forwards, I remembered I’d left my camera in the car so I thought I’d try to take some pictures.  Unfortunately, the light levels were fading fast so hand holding was not a viable option.  There were a couple of steps nearby so I sat on them and tried resting the camera on my knee and try to get some abstract shots. Not sure any of them work as such, but the experiment has provided some practical experience that I might not have had otherwise.


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Oh, I was standing by the motorway for two hours until a low-loader came along to get me home.  Luckily it didn’t rain and the weather was relatively mild.



25 thoughts on “Passage of Time

    • I have an ‘old’ zafira.
      Initial problem was a dead battery which was diagnosed and replaced by the RAC – but on the way home (90 miles) the alternator decided to give up the ghost. so I had to stand on the side of the A1M for 2 hours until a low loader came along and dropped the car at mine where another visit by the RAC – to check it wasn’t their fault and diagnose the problem – resulted in them chaperoning me down to the garage where a new alternator was fitted. Expensive old job overall – if I knew anything about cars I may have been able to do something myself but the alternator is in a rather awkward position on my car.
      The age of the car is such that things will start giving up on it – I will be running it into the ground as it’s not really worth selling.

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