Washburn Revisit

Washburn Valley

On Saturday afternoon we went for a quiet walk along the River Washburn, accompanied by our daughter, who was home from Uni – (as she had been out clubbing until 4 earlier that morning, we all thought it might be nice to ‘blow away the cobwebs’).

It’s clear from this picture, that this scene must be an ‘on a plate’ shot, as it has almost identical framing to one I took earlier in the year – only here the River Washburn has lost its seasonal volume.



16 thoughts on “Washburn Revisit

      • I have the same problem. Many many years ago I walked from Ilkley to Beckermonds following the Wharfe. Took me 3 days (including pub stops). Brilliant. I would love to repeat the experience – this time with a camera, but like you say it is getting the tme.

      • Indeed – there are a few old history books you are probably aware of that document the route of some – it would be great to follow the rivers with these in hand to document how things have changed.
        I had a crack at mapping out the boundary of Knaresborough Forest from William Grainge’s book of 1882 – interesting how the beck suddenly become important demarcation points – not sure I got it completely right as some of the names had changed/distorted.

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