Steps Revisited


I posted a similar picture a couple of weeks ago and suggested I was going to re-shoot as the full size version suffered from very evident camera shake.  As part of my recent trip out, I revisited the site to take another shot.  Not quite the same composition, but at least this one is sharp.

While I was there I had another crack at another image from almost a year ago and several variations, a few here.  I believe most of the ‘Master’ landscape photographers used to revisit sites several times, developing ideas and approaches over time – if it’s good enough for them…….

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19 thoughts on “Steps Revisited

    • Indeed they are. Most of the woods I visit are relatively small so much of my landscape photography tends to be be ‘micro’ instead of large vistas. Of course, the weather conditions we have are very much responsible for the green – whether that’s from leaves or moss or lichen or algae.

  1. I like the way you’ve positioned the steps, and in the bnw the balance of the fence posts; graduating, diminishing towards the distance. Also like the way it divides the soil bank to ethereal distance and tree foliage – tantalising. Amazing textures in the colour shots – and such a verdant, vibrant green 🙂 Nice balance of scale.

    • I’m not sure I’d quite go with their lack of appeal for the photographer but I think I prefer them en masse in swathes. If the sunlight is anywhere near them then a polariser is a good tool to use to cut down on the glare.
      Black and white is a great leveller and assist in losing unwanted garish colours.

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