Polluter Power

Milby Lock

I came up with a number of titles for this one, but decided to use Polluter Power as, despite how we might try to dress up or feel good about our occasional ‘person powered’ efforts, we go away from them and continue to add to the overall problem of pollution – whether by direct or indirect contribution.

(Says he, typing on a plastic keyboard source unknown, looking at an LCD monitor source unknown, attached to a pc source unknown – goodness knows where the materials originated and how. Then there’s the electricity, the telecommunications  and all the other ‘stuff’ that makes the internet work – to allow us to talk about pollution but still carry on our own merry way.)


8 thoughts on “Polluter Power

  1. Therein lies the hypocrisy of the ‘green’ movement. Those who complain so loudly and viciously about pollution and it’s many sources, are they themselves users of the technology and contributors to the pollution they so dearly detest. I knew the photo was a lever but couldn’t tell what for.

    • An interesting observation about knowledge – in my ignorance I presumed the ‘lever’ was obvious, but of course it isn’t – no more so than many an object I haven’t encountered before – we can guess, but without a true frame of reference…… 😉

  2. We live in a paradox that you have presented very well. What to do about it? that is the conundrum attached to the paradox.
    PS: I did assume that your image shows a lever… but it looked manual so I could only think of a
    Luddite kind of protest…

    • Looking at it, one might presume that the practice is to face the lever (from the other side) and push towards the viewer, about a pivot this opens the large lock gates. From what I’ve seen the practice is to place one’s back to the handle and push the gate that way.

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