Send Us Our Daily Bread


For those who wouldn’t know, Warburtons – the orange lorry- are one of our national(?) bread makers.  I’m not going to comment on the quality of the product – but we do use one of their product lines designed for toast – ready sliced, straight from the pack to the toaster.

As an aside, the quality of this image differs to most of my others as it’s taken with a Canon Powershot A570 IS – a compact camera that belongs to my daughter. I’m trying to determine whether I can get along with a camera without conventional viewfinder – her compact was all there was to hand.


12 thoughts on “Send Us Our Daily Bread

  1. I have a Canon Powershot A620 which I rarely use nowadays, but it is good for close up detail of stationary moths and small creatures and is good for ‘snapshot’ landscapes. It is also good in portrait mode if you are in a ‘party’ situation. It is a bit of a bulky compact camera these days but would be very useful to keep in your bag when out and about.

    • I like to do a little bit of cycling and find my dslr is just a bit to bulky – and carrying it in a backpack is not to comfortable and I end up with a soaking wet back – so a little compact would be a good idea for my exploration trips.

  2. My Fuji XT1 has an EVF and it is very useable. Most electronic viewfinders are not. I could not happily use a camera that has only an LCD for viewing. I want the choice. What I do like is an articulated screen that saves me contorting myself in low situations.

    • Unfortunately, my budget is modest.
      As a general rule, I’m happy to lug my dslr gear around. but this tends to be a little cumbersome when I’m out on my bike doing my exploring thing. I’m looking for a compact that I can carry on my belt or in a pocket of my combats. My only real stipulation is that it does RAW. At the moment, I’m tending towards the Pentax MX1, which seem to have come down in price a fair bit. There are better newer cameras but these are more expensive.

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