Farewell, my love


I often flick through my images a couple of weeks after my initial trawl through, sometimes I get a different perspective because I am more removed from the taking stage.  This one gave me cause for pause (I like that phrase – cause for pause) – it seemed to invoke something a little more than a simple tourist shot.  Had the idea come to me at the time, I might have waited until the boat was a little further up the frame, to give a greater sense of distance travelled – I’ve cropped some sky off the top which has improved things a little.


8 thoughts on “Farewell, my love

    • 🙂 – of course, this can promote the idea of ‘poke and hope’ – where we take a shot on the off chance we might be able to make something from it later, though I like to think of it as making something other than my original ideas (ie i had an idea before I took the shot.)

  1. ’cause for pause’ love that phrase! And yes it is worthwhile going back over images at a later time. The attachment to the taking can be quite strong immediately after the event particularly if it involved a long hike, difficult terrain or just a wrong looking at the time of download. Glad you refound this image.

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